carding and spinning

Here are the people, who introduced me to the world of wool and spinning wheels, Inger and Bengt from Den Gamla Skolan (wetplate collodion portrait is taken by my man). I spent two weekends with them – learning about different wool sorts, washing, carding and spinning wool, chatting about everything in the world, eating good food,  well, just having really good time.

In the end, happy, content and inspired  I went home with my own Kromsky Minstrel spinning wheel, hand carders, a niddy noddy and couple of bags of sorted unwashed wool.

This is the wool from one of the bags (managed to wash it) – 300g of platinum white silky shiny soft curls from a leicester-like cross breed sheep.

and I have been carding and spinning it for a while now.

what a feeling! I just love the whole process, it’s  an existential experience, as Handarbetaren put it. I realise – you can’t make any shortcuts, slow craft is not a concept, it is just way to do things, the real way. One soft silky curl at a time. .

Late evening picture, my wool-loving colleague shows her appreciation.


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