This blog is about my textile practice – weaving, knitting, spinning, stitching (and inspiration from elsewhere).

I live with my family (plus few cats, rabbits and chickens) in the countryside of southern Sweden.

I am drawn to  slow and  traditional  ways of making cloth. Maintaining traditional craft is an important thing for me.


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P.S. I read blogs via Feedly (much more user friendly system than WordPress Reader) but I try to update my blogroll list (the right-side column of the blog) every  now and then.



7 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Chris February 18, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    Hi! I am ideally trying to obtain some Flax seeds to grow for private/personal non-commercial use on a relatively small scale, for (edible/oil) seed & fibre, in the UK, and ideally wish to grow ‘heritage’/’ancient’/’wild’ forms. I read a comment on a blog that I believe that you may have written, to the effect hat you are trying to grow a few different varieties/accessions of Flax in Sweden, namely a least: Rigahör (Danish) and 5 swedish sorts: Kristina, Hudiksval, Blenda, Svalöf, Gerdalin, Margaretalin. May I please be so bold as to ask if you might a) Be able provide small amounts of any seed from these, for me to try to grow in the UK, b) If you know whether or not these are alowed for UK import, and c) If you know of the variety/breeding history of those varieties (e..g non-GM)?. For the record whilst I rarely read blogs, yours is wonderful and, whilst I have not YET myself begun spinning, weaving, dyeing, etc… I do nonetheless intend all such things in traditional ways, and so reading your blog made me drool an dribble! ; )

    Would love to hear from you!

    Chris (a bloke)

    • Alfia February 19, 2014 at 2:46 pm

      Hi Chris!
      Thank you! :)
      yes, I’ve tried growing those 6 flax varieties from Nordic gene bank last summer and they grew very nicely. Unfortunately I don’t know the breeding history, except that they are definitely not GM, not so very ancient, from 1950-60s (?), and 5 of them are definitely fiber flax – long, not so branched, Hudiksval is lower and branchier – an older variety perhaps…
      Don’t know anything about UK import!

      I can just send you some seeds from my last year harvest, no problem.
      Just write to me, teatime88@gmail.com

      You can obtain many more varieties directly from the NordGen (formerly Nordic Genebank). Here is list of all flax accessions:

      some of them are old oil and seed varieties, some fiber, but mostly they are not characterized properly (I used to work there, so I heard the rumors) I would recommend you to contact the curator of the genebank Fredrik Otosson fredrik.ottosson@nordgen.org (phone +46 (0)40 53 66 45) he is very helpful and no one knows the collections better than him. You could just explain to him what you are looking for (and say I told you to contact him :) Also he might know the history of breeding. I believe it will not cost you anything (but there is not so many seeds in one go – 100-200 seeds per one variety) and if you request as private person you´’ll be sent some sort of “material transfer agreement” paper, not that much bureaucracy.
      Generally, genebanks could be a good source for old land varieties, don’t know if you tried to contact the Millenium seed bank in UK http://www.kew.org/collections/index.htm. If they don’t have the seeds for private people they at least should know where to find them in UK…
      Another name is Axel Diederichsen in Canadian genebank, you can see on their homepage he’s been growing some flax :

      Good luck! :)

  2. Eiko Goto August 7, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    Hi, Alfia-san
    This is Eiko Goto from jghgdays.
    I really enjoy your blog and instagram.
    My email ddress is

    Could you tell me your email address,please?

    Keep in touch!

  3. digitalgardener January 21, 2016 at 1:50 am

    Hi Alfia,
    I just discovered your blog today and it is so great! You do so many of the things that I try and your work is so beautiful. I was so happy to see that I am on your blogroll! I will post some updates as I still grow flax and japanese indigo here in Canada. All your photos are so inspiring! I can’t wait for spring to come.
    All the best,

  4. Mary Simpson February 11, 2018 at 10:23 pm

    Trying to reach Gosta Sandberg re: a question about medieval dyeing- cochineal amd madder. Does anyone know how to make contact?

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