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little things from homemade cloth

indigo-dyed rest of the cloth and some handspun linen and nettle yarn

free-stripe linen band

home-grown lavender

lavender pillows, very limited edition.

and some pouches from the linen cloth i wove some time ago

found some vintage silk for the lining

band weaving

Attended a little workshop on band and ribbon weaving at Möllegården Kultur.  Tried weaving with band loom,  with rigid heddle, with tablets and two different ways of band braiding (of hundreds possible).   There where four nice women ready to teach anybody who came by, lots of old gorgeous bands from Charlotte Weibulls collection hanging around, books and instructions,  and visitors aged from 7 to 77 who sat and tried different tools . I had fun :)

one day I might try weaving with tablets or band rigid heddle (both are very portable and simple tools).

Tablets can easily be crafted at home  from used milk package and old band weaving heddles can be found on flea markets.

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