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goose eye and other experiments

I decided to try a  point-draft on the second half of my linen  warp and I managed to thread it without mistakes, but it took me a while to get the treadling pattern right continuously – I found counting out loud to 22 works best for me :)   It’s a goose eye (gåsöga) all the way, (with some short-attention-span misses)

I printed out picture with the pattern from Jean’s wonderful blog (that’s how I got inspired to try this pattern on the first place) and had pinned it on my loom.

While thinking what to do with it and what to weave next,  knitted a pair of socks for my sister-in-law, her choice of color – Ticiano red.

pattern: Basic Ribbed Socks , yarn Malabrigo sock.

almost finished knitting my handspun cardigan:

And in between of all that have been trying to spin Suri alpaca from Österlen (Christmas present from my man)

The fleece and fiber sourcebook recommends to spin it worsted, so I am trying to comb it (and I never combed any wool before)

it get’s extremely static and flies all over the place  (needs constant spraying with anti-static)

Combing separates it in two fractions  – white long-lustrous-silky roving  and greyish-cream unstructured fluff.

(I don’t know if it’s the best way to process this sort of alpaca, the amount of  information I could find on the net is not overwhelming, to put it softly. And I don’t know if the combs I bought are so good and suited for just this type of fiber).

Anyway, I tried spinning the combed stuff  – once you get hold on it (quite slippery) and remember to spin it with high twist,  it results in compact but soft and silky thread.


Here is good video on combing and spinning alpaca  and here is another video on combing wool.

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