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this week’s shopping and harvest

some stuff we managed to acquire during  two car trips :)

a grindstone and two saws are for my husband, the rest is my new flax processing tools, basically everything i  needed for  breaking, scutching and then hackling flax. (Well, and some old heddles for weaving, a niddy-noddy, and two enameled funnels).

Some details:

some old half-processed flax was included in the kit

a comb for removing the seeds

these are two very fine combs, I didn’t even know such combs for flax fiber existed:

Meanwhile. this is today’s harvest, I have pulled it all

there is very good (and dounloadable for free) article  in the Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, sums up the whole process and shows pictures of all the steps, plus some tips on spinning.

gardening and some folk motifs

As usual at this time of the year I am all busy digging, sowing and re-planting (all the veg and flower plus the hedge)  not so much time for textile work.
But  some of my gardening  is actually fiber-related, like flax (six different sorts from the genebank)

and japanese indigo. Bought seeds from Wildcolors in UK, (£3.50 for 10 seeds),
nobody seems to grow  japanese indigo in Sweden…

well,  some peripheral knitting has been going on too – another random sock

nearly finished a cardigan for my man

and last Sunday when it stared to rain (finally, no need to water the garden !)  we went to Kulturen open-air museum to look (again) at some allmoge woodworking and textiles.

more pictures from Kulturen in my flickr

still out in the garden

or in the greenhouse

but mostly outside

Link to Textile gallery of Nordiska Museet (Sweden’s museum of cultural history) in swedish and english.

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