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Hemslöjdens samlingar

Long time no see (again). I want to post here more regularly in this new year. Let’s start with some catching up then.

For the last few month I have been working for the handicraft association of Skåne – Skånes hemslöjdsförbund, on a digitalisation of  the collection of the handicraft association. The collection (catalog information and the pictures) is displayed on a web-resource called Digitalt Museum, used by many swedish museums for making their collections available for the general public in a digital format. The largest collection is from Nordiska Museum (Swedish Museum of cultural history).

In Hemslöjdens collection there are many antique folk art items, modern reproductions and works of local designers – home textiles, folk costumes, clothes and other items (not only textiles, but f.ex. baskets and candle holders). I have been working with the picture part –  fixing up existing pictures, taking new photos and putting them into the database. Being in those archives and seeing all those beautiful things is quite overwhelming experience. I think I had a bit of visual overload, probably that’s why the blogging become neglected, but I am all fresh and rested now after the long christmas holidays, haha)

LKLH-21_B MSSHDG-557_ALKLH-280_A MSSHDG-13_B MSSHDG-623_B litenVäska ApelMSSHDG-47_B MSSHDG-157_C  MSSHDG-621_G liten MSSHDG-895-2_CMSSHDG-1141

Here are all the folders of Hemslöjdens collection (not just from Skåne but from other regions of Sweden too) and new  folders are being added and completed on a regular basis.

Here are my favourite folders from our (Skånes Hemslöjd) collection (some pictures are new, some old)

Skånsk rölakan (double interlocked tapestry)

Spedetröjor (knitted womens jumpers, part of local folk costume)

60-tals broderi (Swedish emroidery from 1960s)

Tröjor från Sydöstra Skåne (very peculiar little jackets from southeast of Skåne)

(in DigitaltMuseum, once you have clicked on a picture to enlarge it you may want to use > and < pointers to flickr through the detail pictures ).

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