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Gröna trasor / green rags

Our very last school assignment before it all ends this week (it’s kind of hard to believe, but it’s true)  – a rug in any material, size  and form.

Since rugs are not so popular in our house (mostly because of an old cat with poor digestion) I am weaving a “flying carpet” for the garden instead – a rag-hummock.

Tabby with some rosepath stripes

(I made black and white warp stripes only because I didn’t have enough of the green).

Thank to this project we (my family and me) have assembled the second-hand loom I bought half a year ago –  an Öxabäck, in Sweden it  is considered to be ” loom of the looms” , this one is huge – 150 cm weaving width and it takes all the free space in our guest room. Come and be our guest :)

Everything in this loom is so smart and smooth! Ulla Zyrus-Zetterström, who constructed this loom- is genius.

I have another meter to go and hope for a nice summer!

grey matter

carding, spinning, knitting, weaving. All in grey.

Gotland lambswool

cat mat №2, same but different, this time in 2/2 twill

cat mat

weaving project – made this little rag rug for our cats favorite sleeping place – white arm-chair.

as camouflaging colors as possible (so it can hold against the dusty paws , cat hair and… well, whatever stuff that comes with a cat and turns white upholstery into brown-greyish), laziness is the mother of the progress.

the loom

Here it is, our little Glimåkra, it takes only 70×80 cm of the floor space, my man’s grandfather used to weave kitchen towels on it (which we still use, they are all soft and fluffy). It has 4 shafts with the possibility of adding 2 more shafts  (so I can even weave rosepath, he-he), and the max width of the weaving is about 58 cm. According to the assembly instruction (on single piece of paper)  the model is called “Hobby” but I coudn’t find any information on the web about this model, it seems they stopped producing it quite some time ago. Well, one day I will visit  Glimåkra loom museum and ask them about it.

The loom has been standing still for 32 years, with cut red cottolin threads hanging from it and now I have warped it (with the help of my sweet and most supportive man) and started weaving a little rag rug.


I’ve been wanting to learn to weave on a loom  for a decade and last week I went to a four-days  weaving course here.

This is one of the best things I have ever done.  And at a very nice place  with wonderful people.

I warped the Glimåkra 120 loom with the help of Siv and her daughter Agnes (it took 1, 5 days)

And here is my first ever rag rug, yey :)

Yesterday i started warping our  little loom at home (my mans grandfather’s Glimåkra, the smallest floor loom model).

This is the beginning of a new era  :)

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