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a hammock, a monk and a chick

I have finished weaving the flying trasmatta. The last 20 cm took me forever .

rag rug hammock

my husband has made the sticks and we’ve hung the hammock  in the garden (it’s quite a huge thing).

rag rug hammock

I get a bit dizzy when I lie in it, but other people feel quite comfortable.

rag rug hammock

and here is  a little zen monk for the  rag doll show in Landskrona museum.


his kimono  is sewn from vintage japanese kimono fabric


(while making him I had this constant thought – hmm, may be  I should sit on my zafu more often…)


few days ago a  tiny chicken came out of an egg that we forgot to remove from under one of our extremely broody hens and another one hatched today (we thought that the odds are probably not so high, but they thought otherwise  :)



used some of the samples of daldräll and gagnefkrus weavings for these little pouches


and a book cover

and a bag

little things from homemade cloth

indigo-dyed rest of the cloth and some handspun linen and nettle yarn

free-stripe linen band

home-grown lavender

lavender pillows, very limited edition.

and some pouches from the linen cloth i wove some time ago

found some vintage silk for the lining

winter blues

textile X-mas cards (cyanotype on cloth) and some other blue crafting

bought a whole bolt of vintage japanese fabric here 


contemporary boro

purely utilitarian.

mended my man’s gardening-and-fixing jeans (3 pairs done, 3 to go). Felt like early 1900-s japanese fisherman’s wife.  It’s a good feeling. Form is changing, function remains.

boro )

a pouch

little embroidery/sewing project – a present for my wonderful mother-in-law

inspired by what’s been going on around our house:

a friend i’ve been waiting for

my new sewing machine (if one can call it a machine, because it talks and sings)

It’s 110 years old and makes perfect plain and straight stitch, nothing else, no bustle. I bought it (without knowing if it’s functional) from an old lady in Stockholm, she never used it, but thought her grandmother sew on it. I figured out all the details  (like that it was manufactured in Scotland and how to adjust and oil it etc.) on the net by the model nr).

I am not really a sewing person, but then the process of using this little Singer is not really a sewing, it’s a much more complex experience, hmm.

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