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winter knitting

Gathered all  winter knitting in one posting.

Central Park hoodie for my daughter, yarn: Cascade Heathers

8-sqare slippers, used most of my first spinning scraps

wurm hat, yarn : Malabrigo worsted

classic mittens made with my homespun Gotland wool, 3 ply

And some presents for people:

Henry the Knitted Bear

Mittens, yarn -Rowan felted tweed

knee high socks, handspun wool mix, 3 ply, together with 1 strand Zauberball

scandinavian midsummer socks

made with handspun wool

(not the warmest summer ever, to put it softly).

really well-writen, universal and basic sock pattern-tutorial. Socks for the people.

socks with a character

It’s been two month since I’ve started spinning wool. First with a spindle and then on a spinning wheel. And I think I am getting better at it (it is not an ultimate goal -to produce perfect yarn,   because the process of spinning…well, I can’t describe it, it is certainly addictive and you have to try it yourself)

Anyway, these are the socks I’ve knitted using my first ever hand-made yarn ( spun on a very simple spindle).  It’s Gotland sheep wool (from Gamledags), silvery and silky, and the yarn is 2-ply as uneven as it could go. (But mostly just thick).  The white parts are handspun yarn as well.

The warmest socks I ever had and totally off-season, and after knitting these most industrial yarns feel…way too well-tempered and kind of anonymous .

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