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this week’s shopping and harvest

some stuff we managed to acquire during  two car trips :)

a grindstone and two saws are for my husband, the rest is my new flax processing tools, basically everything i  needed for  breaking, scutching and then hackling flax. (Well, and some old heddles for weaving, a niddy-noddy, and two enameled funnels).

Some details:

some old half-processed flax was included in the kit

a comb for removing the seeds

these are two very fine combs, I didn’t even know such combs for flax fiber existed:

Meanwhile. this is today’s harvest, I have pulled it all

there is very good (and dounloadable for free) article  in the Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, sums up the whole process and shows pictures of all the steps, plus some tips on spinning.

beautiful tools

a heddle for band weaving (alder wood) with shuttles (whitebeam and golden chain wood) – birthday present  from my man, who else would know I wanted one! :) (got a book on band weaving too!)

the loom

Here it is, our little Glimåkra, it takes only 70×80 cm of the floor space, my man’s grandfather used to weave kitchen towels on it (which we still use, they are all soft and fluffy). It has 4 shafts with the possibility of adding 2 more shafts  (so I can even weave rosepath, he-he), and the max width of the weaving is about 58 cm. According to the assembly instruction (on single piece of paper)  the model is called “Hobby” but I coudn’t find any information on the web about this model, it seems they stopped producing it quite some time ago. Well, one day I will visit  Glimåkra loom museum and ask them about it.

The loom has been standing still for 32 years, with cut red cottolin threads hanging from it and now I have warped it (with the help of my sweet and most supportive man) and started weaving a little rag rug.

spinning wheel(s)

For the last few days I have mostly been digging the garden, sowing veg seeds and replanting tomatoes in the greenhouse, but here are some pictures of an old spinning wheel, that comes from Småland, from my man’s grandmother. The kind of wheel, which was used for spinning flax, it is way too speedy for wool, but I have tried it and it worked and it was fun (if I haven’t tried a modern spinning wheel a couple of days before, I would probably think that it is just the normal the way to do it, a bit stressful, but you get quite a few meters of yarn per minute :)

and for the comparison – the old wheel and the new Minstrel from Kromsky.

a friend i’ve been waiting for

my new sewing machine (if one can call it a machine, because it talks and sings)

It’s 110 years old and makes perfect plain and straight stitch, nothing else, no bustle. I bought it (without knowing if it’s functional) from an old lady in Stockholm, she never used it, but thought her grandmother sew on it. I figured out all the details  (like that it was manufactured in Scotland and how to adjust and oil it etc.) on the net by the model nr).

I am not really a sewing person, but then the process of using this little Singer is not really a sewing, it’s a much more complex experience, hmm.

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